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  • September 21, 2019

Bad Countries and Good People

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US President Donald Trump currently referred to a few international locations (allegedly) as “S___hole countries.” The remark triggered outrage and he turned into called a “racist” by many in the media. while Donald Trump speaks, it is often no longer what he says but how …..

Is Hate Speech Also Free-Speech?

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On October twenty eighth, 2017, a rally could be held in Shelbyville,Tn. The rally is referred to as, “White Lives be counted” lead via a set of White Nationalists. An occasion that I want no part of. Being a Tennessean myself, I understand the history …..

How 9/11 Changed Our Legal System

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As a historian, many human beings question me, “What do you think the worst day in human history changed into?” i’m sure if I lived at some point of the “black plague” in the 13th century or the “Mongol Invasions” lead below Genghis Khan within …..

Why What The World Needs Now Is LOVE

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Many humans these days, no matter their political ideology, or choices, would likely agree, we are witnessing, a degree of rhetoric, and vitriol, no longer located, in current reminiscence. whilst there have usually been a minority of people in the america, with extremist views, in …..

A REAL Wellness Approach to Gun Control in America

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advent wellness is a tremendous technique. well-being traditionally centered on wellness and all manner of strategies, private and cultural, for encouraging behaviors that enriched excellent of existence for oneself and others. The well being awareness on becoming healthier in no way reflected a lack of …..

A Public Official’s Rhetoric: 5 Considerations

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one of the greatest and demanding situations, to an electorate making the great selections, for deciding on ability leaders, and, subsequent, public officers, is paying sufficient interest, or having the abilities and understanding, to read, between the traces, and apprehend, whilst the rhetoric, is simply …..

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