Anti-Bullying Programs: Teaching Your Child Self-Defense Is Not The Same As Teaching Them To Fight!

Are you a concerned discern searching out methods to help your infant deal with bullying in school and different areas of his or her existence? Can you feel the suffering that they’re experiencing? Well, if you’re like me, and ratings of other dad and mom managing the same aspect, the solution is… “Of direction?”

Let me ask you a query then.

“What the hell does self-protection have to do along with your toddler beating the crap out of a bully?”

I know that that sounds brash, strong, or even a piece low-elegance? But… It’s however true!

You see, I train humans how to now not get overwhelmed, broken, or killed via others who consider that violence, in any shape, is appropriate in getting what they need. And, if your baby is the goal of bullying, those accountable accept as true with that they could break out with directing their aggression at your toddler. But…

That does not suggest that you need to grow to be a fighter with a view to do that. Sometimes it has extra to do with who you’re, the way you gift yourself, and the signals you send to a capacity attacker, as to whether or no longer you are chosen in any respect!

You and I both recognize that these identical bullies – those focused on your toddler – by-pass a ton of different children within the technique. However, I understand something that you may no longer. And this is that martial arts education can teach your infant the crucial, life-converting classes in an effort to allow her or him with a purpose to beat the bully – frequently “without” preventing at all.

And right here we’re at my query once more. I’ll lighten the depth a chunk, but I need you to think about it for a piece. Ready?

“What does your baby learning martial arts or self-defense have to do with them beating up the bully?”

The motive that I ask the question is this…

A lot of parents, instructors, and school directors accept as true with that in case your toddler learns to shield him or herself – if they take in the study of martial arts and examine self-protection competencies…

They’ll become combatants and be just like the bully.

I’m confronted with this perception and oppositional mindset almost every day.

And, to this I say…

What a load of crap!

Again… I realize, I recognize… Too difficult.

But, you know what… If I tone this down and follow the equal “political correctness” that permits bullying in schools and somewhere else to exist… Then I wouldn’t have the ability to help you and your child resolve this hassle nearly as nicely. And that, is the truth!

To this objection about martial arts and self-defense training – about empowering the sufferer, in place of hoping to reeducate the bully – I say…

“So, you would rather have your child targeted, humiliated, and even overwhelmed, in place of being someone the faculty bullies are terrified of, and others know they are able to visit for safety?”

“Would you rather whine, whimper, and “bully” the school, the authorities, the police – sounding like a sufferer your self – hoping that a person else will fix the hassle. Or might you instead take the shortcut and supply your toddler the gear which are verified to trade the sport and make no longer just “these” bullies leave, but…

…Each bully they might ever come upon… For the relaxation of his or her life?!”

The fact is that maximum kids who’re being picked on, bottle up the frustration, anger, and anxiety – and that they cover away till they can’t do it anymore – until they actually “explode.” Then, certainly one of matters occurs: they both explode outwardly and, after they do lash returned at the bully, they go WAY overboard. Remember the scene from the movie, “A Christmas Story,” where Ralphie activates the bully and beats him bloody and mindless at the ground? Or, how about Columbine, in which two kids lashed again so violently that they went on a taking pictures spree until they ultimately turned the guns on themselves!

Or, those who do not, explode inwardly and self-destruct, both emotionally or, in many cases, take their personal lives – believing that, “This will teach ‘them’ a lesson!”

So? What does this must do with martial arts or your toddler studying a way to shield him or herself?


The simple reality is that the martial arts, even as coaching college students how to physically protect themselves from physical assaults, also educate them a way to ‘address violence and aggression.’ So, as opposed to becoming competitive – instead of studying how to “beat the crap out of the bully,” as many accept as true with, your toddler will expand a sense of calm, within the face of bullying and aggression.

And, they’ll also increase a experience of assured, disciplined presence – a glance of command of their eyes that could be a fundamental “Stop” sign to any capability bully.

Do you really need to forestall the bullying that your toddler is experiencing? Do you really need to relieve them of the pain, struggling, intellectual pain, and worry of any other day dealing with bullying in faculty, or in which ever he or she is experiencing it?

Do you need to see them increase the potential to beat the bully ‘with out’ fighting – to be able to shield themselves if they need to, with out turning into that which they fear most?

Then, I enormously endorse that you take a extreme take a look at getting your baby right into a solid, professional, martial arts for children program. Seriously, it may be the satisfactory anti-bullying application you can ever find!

Isn’t it time that your baby discovered the way to genuinely protect themselves towards bullying in school and anywhere else? Isn’t their fitness, self-confidence, and nicely-being really worth getting real solutions?


By mastering what really works to prevent bullying conduct, and by means of giving your toddler the gear that do simply that!

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