Pogo Once Said, “We Have Met the Enemy and They Are Us!”

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Pogo once said, “we have met the enemy and they’re us!”

today, I think that is real specifically once I take a seat and feature a few reflections.

Our kingdom has end up so petty, so corrupt from the whole lot from money to sexual harassment to lord knows what else that we are being killed from within.

Our liberal press appears to do the entirety it may to avoid supporting the newly elected people’s choice as president even after nearly a 12 months or even the also ran who misplaced and has more of a stained report cannot seem to permit it go.

As a very conservative republican I take a seat and think about all of the extremely good things FDR did as a president via dragging our us of a out one of the worst depressions into considered one of the biggest countries in the world.

As a kid I consider the hundreds of thousands of young males and females who flocked to the recruiting places of work proper after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and that i without a doubt assume that we can by no means see that once more of contemporary whining teenagers.

we’ve taken prayer and the golden policies out of our faculties.

we have erased most of our history specifically the parts we do no longer like.

we have dumbed down most of present day educational plans.

we have encumbered nowadays’ kids with astronomical university debts!

we have succumbed to the philosophy of “the brand new international Order”.

we have tied the hands of our police forces, the immigration government who strive to preserve our borders safe while doing away with the yank flag from most of our fire vehicles.

We disrespect our national anthem, our flag, our state and who is aware of what else.

we’ve forgotten who our real hero’s are.

we’ve a Congress who’s either unable to resolve our problems or simply don’t want to.

we’ve got fostered a country of company lobbyists to enchantment to our elected legitimate’s greed.

we’ve got gotten rid of the draft which gave backbone to our country’s youngsters.

we’ve got gotten rid of communication and conversation among human beings by using giving them the latest cellular telephone each yr.

we’ve got homegrown a kingdom of drug addicts by means of refusing to virtually going after the those who are imparting this country with one of the best killers.

I may want to move on and on…

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